Testimonials - Butterfly Ayurveda


“Tea’s by Butterfly Ayurveda – Really like them. In fact, we have stored about 7 types of teas in our office which ensures we can offer or drink something dependent on the situation or mood. When there’s pressure, a round of Ratri Chai or as we call it – relaxing tea – helps. Great job and eagerly looking forward to new products.”

– Varun Bhutani, Founding Director, CEO, SamayLa


“The quality, service and support are great. The team is customer-friendly. The entire process from ordering till the turnaround was hassle-free.”

– Aakriti Malhotra, Delhi


“Each tea variant is a pleasure to have. I love the delightful aroma of the herbs. You feel like drinking something extraordinary, and something surely to boost health. I love your teas and so do, a lot of my acquaintances.”

– Sahil Sharma, Pune


“It was a joy reading Chrysalis – the Ayurveda Journal. It has increased my knowledge on doshas and prakriti. Looking forward for the next edition.”

– Ramit Arora, Mumbai


“I regularly read your blogs. Think, they are amazing and very helpful.”

– Rohit Verma, Goa


“You are able to focus better and feel more perked up. I recommend their teas to everyone, especially, the Cognition Enhancer or Good Morning Tea.”

– J. Bhatnagar, Ghaziabad


“I like all of your excellent quality products – wrapped beautifully and delivered speedily. Whether I order for myself or gift others, people hugely praise what they receive. The teas taste incredible and show their effects within a short span.”

– Sapna Srivastava, Noida


“Highly satisfied with Pancreofly capsules. I am a type 2 diabetes patient who started taking this medicine as I was looking for some ayurvedic treatment. Not only does my blood sugar level remain under control, but I have never observed any side effects.”

– Alok Bhatia, Delhi


“Your liver health syrup – Livofly – helped me cure and recover from jaundice.”

– Preeti Singh, Faridabad