Tea Sourcing & Processing - Butterfly Ayurveda

Tea Sourcing & Processing

Tea Sourcing
We procure our Green teas from the prestigious Glenburn tea estates, located in Darjeeling, nestled in the lap of Himalayan mountain range. Established in 1859, the estate is a legacy of above 150 years of tea plantation; presently owned & overseen by one of India’s pioneering tea planting families. The 750-hectare estate grows & supplies top-quality & fresh teas in all seasons of the year. Our Black Teas are sourced from their estates in Assam, situated in the upper reaches of the Assam region, on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River. Produced during the Second Flush, they are the finest teas in Assam. Specialists monitor the whole plantation process ensuring optimum conditions at every step. The practices followed involve organic & biodynamic field methods with superlative hygiene standards to bring you the finest quality of teas.

Tea Processing
The Assam Black Tea leaves are plucked, withered & rolled with careful inspection & diligence. Thereafter, the leaves are fermented to develop their natural flavor & fragrance. The leaves are then dried in large mechanical dryers on conveyor belts at high temperatures to eliminate moisture. Finally, various grades of tea leaves are separated depending on their sizes. At every step, intricate variations may exist depending on the flavor & quality of the tea being produced. For Darjeeling Green Tea, there are slight differences as tea leaves are withered first for about 8-24 hours to dry & then are steamed to prevent neutralization of enzymes & oxidation. As a result of this, the leaves are able to retain their authentic green color & remain enriched with antioxidants & polyphenols. Subsequently, they are rolled to different degrees & dried again.

Herbs Sourcing
We acquire raw herbs from recognized & quality-stringent suppliers. Bakshish Aromatics & Carmel Organics are providers of essential herbs that are grown & procured from different parts of India.

Herbs Processing
The produce is cleaned & processed using ultra-modern techniques & equipment. High-level testing & assessment takes place in well-equipped laboratories before sending the material to manufacturers. Sturdy packaging of the raw herbs prevents damage in transit from atmospheric factors – dust, water, germs, humidity, temperature etc. First, the herbs are cleaned & washed to expel contaminants, with a high pressure air blower or an air duster. Drying them brings down their moisture content to an acceptable level which ensures that their chemical constituents are maintained & prevents reactions that may occur due to moisture. Quality of each herb enhances as they become resistant to the growth of micro-organisms & are imparted with pharmaceutical elegance. Thereafter, these raw herbs are grinded using an automatic pulverizer to reduce their size, after which sieving is done to further achieve the desired particle sizes.

Tea Blending
A double cone blender prepares a homogeneous blend of natural raw herbs with the finest quality of orthodox tea leaves. Finally, this blend of herbs & tea leaves is packed in pouches for labeling.  Butterfly Ayurveda herbal blends are 100% natural & are free of any artificial flavoring, scenting or coloring. We do not use extracts in our teas. Further, each of the ingredients is tested for pesticides, aflatoxins & heavy metals to ensure product safety. Our herbal teas are GMP, HACCP & Rainforest Alliance certified.