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Pancreofly– Blood Glucose Metabolizer

This ayurvedic medicine helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels.

390 /3X20 Veg. Capsules

Livofly SF– Liver detoxifier

This sugar-free ayurvedic medicine promotes a healthy appetite and takes care of your liver.

480 /4 Bottles (For one month therapy

Colonofly – Bowel cleanser

This ayurvedic medicine stimulates the digestive processes and helps relieve constipation.

300 /2 Bottles

Bronchiofly – Cough reliever

This natural ayurvedic medicine clears the respiratory tracts and protects the lungs from infections.

320 /4 Bottles

Livolfy–Liver detoxifier

Buy this ayurvedic medicine online to keep a healthy appetite and keep the liver healthy.

448 /4 Bottles (For one month therapy)