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Why People Love ‘Meri Adrak wali Chai’?

The dawn of winters brings in its wake greater chances of catching a cold, cough, fever or flu. A good way to protect yourself is a steaming cup of delicious adrak wali chai. Ginger tea is a well-known remedy for minor illnesses caused by changes in the weather. It calms down your mind and body, making getting through a sickness more soothing.


Ginger induces sweating and helps you relieve a fever. Additionally, as you perspire, you expel more toxins from your body. Its cough suppressing action owes to its important essential oils and antioxidants. Chemical compounds like gingerols, zingerone and shogaols are other elements in ginger which make it a cough reliever.


For a cold, ginger helps by decongesting your chest and decreasing inflammation & body ache. It also clears the throat & nose and with lemon juice & honey, proves to be a great remedy for flu & cold.


Ginger tea is an amazing drink which you can keep sipping the whole day during chilly winters. It provides necessary warmth to your body, preventing you from falling ill. However, during warmer weather, take this tea just in the morning or before & after meals.


Effect on doshas


Ginger is pungent in taste due to which it pacifies kapha. Ks can drink ginger tea twice or thrice a day before meals to kindle the digestive fire and activate their taste buds. It also balances vata and helps you treat issues caused by vata imbalances. However, ginger slightly increases pitta, making it go out of balance. Therefore, Ps should avoid ginger in larger quantities.


Boosts digestion


An established digestion stimulant, ginger is however less known to be effective on all the three phases of gastrointestinal functions – digestion, absorption & elimination. It increases gastric juice production and allows nutrients to get better assimilated by your body. So, it is a good idea to drink adrak chai as an appetizer, before meals and as a digestive aid, after meals.


Other benefits


Abundant in active volatile oils and pungent phenol compounds, ginger tea has wonderful medicinal qualities. It carries high amounts of calcium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin C and amino acids. You can stir a spoonful of brown sugar in your hot ginger tea to get rid of menstrual cramps. It provides relief in the case of heartburn. It reduces stomach pain and is useful in irritable bowel syndrome.


People with arthritis can lessen inflammation with ginger tea. Moreover, it regulates glucose levels in the body and helps cut down excess fat. At night, you can take ginger tea to relax the mind and relieve stress. It also has strong antispasmodic effects. Ginger tea protects against Alzheimer’s disease and helps fight cancer. It is highly beneficial for open inflamed airways.


Ginger tea home recipes


Grate a slice of fresh ginger and simmer it for some time in boiling water. Sieve the decoction into a cup and serve hot.


You can also simply add a few pieces of chopped ginger into your regular tea and relish a cup of sweet adrak chai containing milk.

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