Why Eat Jaggery in Winters?

Choosing jaggery in place of sugar for your winter delicacies is anytime a healthier option. Jaggery has plenty of nutrients and gives you warmth during the cold season. It is packed with antioxidants and bears natural cleansing properties. It also purifies the bloodstream and helps regulate body temperature.


Go ahead and add a dash of this natural sweeter in all the dishes you prepare this season. It will make them delicious without adding any extra calories. Jaggery is enriched with iron, potassium & calcium and thus highly beneficial for women. Its rich iron content allows production of red blood cells making it good for anemia. It cleans the digestive & respiratory tracts to help relieve chest congestion, acidity, asthma and other related issues.


Further, its hotness and phlegm-expelling action make it an effective treatment for a cold or cough. Consuming jaggery with milk or water curbs the harm caused to the respiratory system by everyday pollution. For respiratory disorders, you can also take little bit of jaggery with mustard oil. It is protective of the lungs and cures infections of throat & lungs.


Jaggery’s anti-allergic qualities make it beneficial for asthma patients. With black sesame, it is especially useful in the case of asthma. With milk, jaggery improves digestion and the quality of hair & skin. You can get rid of acnes and curb joint pain with this remedy.


Jaggery is great for the digestive system and metabolism. Chewing a little bit of jaggery as an after-meal sweetener helps alleviate gas. A sour burp goes away with the combination of jaggery with rock salt. With water or milk, it cools the stomach.


At night, you can lessen the entire day’s fatigue by consuming jaggery with water. It reduces tiredness and energizes instantly. Consuming a slice of ginger with jaggery helps prevent arthritis during winters. Jaggery is beneficial for women who have painful periods.


With cooked rice, it soothes the throat & voice. Vision can improve by taking jaggery mixed in millet porridge. With ghee, jaggery helps reduce ear pain. The mixture of 5 g saunth and 10 g jaggery provides relief in jaundice.


Jaggery halva can increase your memory. And, application of the paste of ½ teaspoon of jaggery with ½ teaspoon of sesame seeds & a few drops of milk can relieve a headache. Jaggery is also used in reducing the frequency of migraine attacks.


It high potassium content neutralizes sodium and lowers blood pressure. Potassium also diminishes water retention in the body allowing better weight control. Minerals like phosphorus, magnesium and calcium in jaggery strengthen your bones while promoting their growth.

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