The Individual in Society

‘Man is by nature a social animal’ – Aristotle

They say you’re born alone and you die alone. But do you?  

When we think about birth, we realize that the fabric of life demands us to be attached to another human being. Now if we go back and ponder over the evolution of human beings, we acknowledge that we have always been a part of a tribe, a group. From apes to the first homo sapiens, we have evolved by learning how to stay in close knit communities for our physical well being, (i.e. to be safe from other animals and to be able to hunt and sustain the health of the clan), as well as our mental well being, (i.e. the need for nourishment, love and care in times of sickness.)


This behavior or requirement is not restricted to human beings. We see the same need for community and co-existence in other species as well as the seemingly individual trees. In forests, trees stay connected with each other through their roots to be able to stand strong against pests and other dangers. In the case of one tree being attacked by a pest or being eaten by animals, the tree informs the others, as a reaction to which, the other trees instantly release chemicals to wave off the threats.


So it is safe to assume that the physical and mental health of an individual human being depends a lot on how we are socially connected with other people and to an extent, other organisms too.


As children, we require a healthy relationship with our parents to be able to form loving relationships as an adult. Throughout our lives, we get to know ourselves better through the relationships we keep. Be it with our peers, our siblings, our friends, our neighbors, our pets or our colleagues and study mates. Without other people, there would be no ‘you’. Everyone you come across in your life has some value to add to your life and with an open mind and heart we can learn to appreciate our communities and our lives. Most of all, it is of utmost necessity to have people around to share your happiness as well as sadness with.

No matter how the relationship, the company of other people is sure to always make your life brighter!


Watch our fun collaboration with FilterCopy on the joys and funny pain points of living in a close knit community:


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