How to Start Your Day?

In the contemporary times, it is a given that we are leading unhealthy lifestyles that need urgent modifications. Turning to the pages of Ayurveda, we can find some useful guidelines about the ideal way in which a day should be spent.




Your day must begin with your pre-dawn arising as it is significant to harmonize one’s body to the Sun’s rhythm.  The sublime Sun illuminates the whole of our Earth by burning its own being. We should wake up early in the morning, contemplate and pay our homage to the wondrous force of life that rests deep inside every human body.


We ought to venerate Mother Nature during the fresh morning time and solicit our harmony for the whole of our day in order to have genial interactions with people and situations that come our way. Sleep as a state of total inactivity – when even our spirit and mind are isolated from our body – is akin to a state of death. The dawn of the day is the right moment when we can pay tribute to life which is going to rekindle itself.


The final segment of the night is dominated over by Vata whose lightness is conducive for your early morning meditation sessions and unfavorable for sound sleep. On the other hand, Vata’s connection with elimination also makes the early morning time good for our daily excretion of bodily and mental waste elements. Expulsion of the wastes in an adequate manner also means removal of Kaphathat gets accumulated over the span of the night.




Complete expulsion of the physical wastes, like, feces, urine, sweat, filth etc. as well as the mental wastes, like, illusions, apprehensions, emotions, observations etc.  is crucial for our body before we start to intake food.  We must not defecate more than twice a day. Vata will surge needlessly if we defecate thrice or more and cause the passage of food through our guts way too fast preventing its desired absorption. While it is advisable to urinate instantly after your meals, you must avoid defecating immediately after a meal.


During excretion, you should also clench your teeth tightly so that Vata does not loosen feces or urine. It is recommendable that we inspect our excretions daily to observe any signs of unhealthiness like improper digestion. If you are able to see undigested food, you should take immediate recourse to complete fasting, abstaining from eating anything more. Just drink weak herbal tea, containing powdered ginger, unless your excretions get visibly better and your appetite augments suggesting a rekindling of the digestive fire.


Cleansing of Sense Organs


A proper cleansing of sense organs, like, eyes, feet, hands, mouth, nose and face is important in morning. If your tongue has a thick obnoxious-to-taste layer on its surface, it indicates that a coating of poisonous ama has developed in your digestive track due to undigested or insufficiently digested food. You can examine your tongue carefully and put pause to indigestion in your body lest it causes any further harm.


You should scarp your tongue clean every morning by moving a tongue scraper or a silver/copper/stainless steel spoon slowly over its surface. The steady movement of the scraper or spoon five-ten times on your tongue will extract out all rubbish and muck. After this, you should also gargle your mouth with salt water (add a pinch of turmeric sometimes) that is beneficial for your mouth, gums and throat.


You should brush your teeth with a light force of your hand. Exerting too much force can damage your gums or teeth enamel. It is advisable that we should change our toothbrushes regularly and keep them dry and clean, always. Modern research also notes that regular infections might be caused because of toothbrushes that contain pathogenic bacteria. Many Indians use twig toothbrushes that are one-time usable and returned for recycling to Nature. For your oral hygiene, you should also floss your teeth every morning using dental floss or twig toothbrushes. Toothpaste or tooth powder is vital for dental care as these sanitize and disinfect your gums. Here, we would take the opportunity to share with you the recipe for a healthy tooth powder:


Take 5 parts of white oak bark powder or alum

Mix 3 parts black pepper powder

Add 2 parts rock salt (either kalanamak/black salt or saindhva/white salt)

Add 1 part turmeric powder

Finish by adding 1 part clove oil or natural camphor


Keep mouthful of water in your mouth to let it mix well with your saliva. It is good to wash our eyes with this lukewarm water containing some of our saliva. You should also pour eye drops of castor oil, barberry/Triphala tea, honey or rose water, weekly, in your eyes to balance excessive kapha.


Use highly salted water to clean your nose and then instill a drop of oil into your nostrils with your little finger. We should also lubricate and clean our ears, weekly or fortnightly, by instilling two-three drops of oil into each ear.

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