Health and Individuality

Each human is a unique manifestation of Mother Nature, the Creative Energy of the universe. Each possesses an indwelling fragment of the Universe Soul. The message of the Vedas is that each of us must find our own path to a life lived to the fullest, for only by making the most of ourselves can we repay to nature the debt we owe Her for giving us life. You can make your fullest contribution to life only when you are healthy and health alone enables you to enjoy your life to the fullest in return.



The word ‘Svastha’ means ‘healthy’ in Sanskrit. Sva ‘Self’ + Stha ‘ established’ = Svasth meaning established in Self. The self here is the ego, not the Freudian ego but the power of individual identity, which separates every being from any other being. The ego is that identity that gives me my identity, which makes me me, which causes me to know that I am I and not you, he, she, we or they. This power that perpetually reminds me that I am I is called in Sanskrit Ahamkara. Because each of us is a body-mind-spirit, we each have a body-I, mind-I and a spirit- I. To be established in self is to be established in each one of these.



Only a person who is established in herself will be able to radiate that joy and enthusiasm and juiciness of life which is what we recognize when we see health.

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