R&D Department - Butterfly Ayurveda

Research & Development

Our R & D department is the backbone of the organization with state – of – art scientific laboratory facility. It is dedicated to product development, quality control and standardization which offers customer with optimum quality, safe and efficacious Herbal /Ayurvedic medicines. In a nut shell, its activity and approach could be termed as –
“Validation of Divine Ayurvedic Wisdom through Scientific Knowledge in Current Era”.

In reference to research, it can be well traced to the Vedic Era; during those times, human beings attained knowledge about the plant world by their friendly association with nature. They were aided in their search by animals. They began to use those plants, which animals used for themselves, and in this way it was possible to do research on these plant products to establish them as medicines.

Although during those days, there were no advanced technical instruments like today but they (Vedic people) successfully provided the scientific validity of the drugs because of their fine observations and divine vision.

People of the Himalayan region started suffering from various diseases due to improper food and air and water pollution. Out of these conditions, the first international conference of scientists (Maharishis) from adjoining countries was organized in the Himalayan region. (Ch.Su.1/5-6).

Out of many scientists only three made their way to the hall of fame. The name of these scientists are Atreya, Kashyapa and Dhanvantary. Atreya mainly studied the science of medicine, Kashyapa learned gynecology and pediatrics, and Dhanvantary mastered the science of surgery.

Seminar & Symposia of Experts (Tadwidhsambhasha parishad) was also organized in those days to discuss the doubts of the subjects. (Ch.Vi 8/15)]

Our R & D department has great development capability and competitiveness to achieve the aim of zero error scientific approach. Each and every developed product undergoes thorough research right from proof of the concept up to clinical trial before being launched for the therapeutic use. The product development is guided and screened by the scientist of huge experience and knowledge. The raw material, intermediate product and the finished product, all pass through stringent tests and traditional screening, strictly complying the national and international requirement.

Different Arms of R&D

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutics Microbiology
Clinical Research